Our different directorates

AKIRS is made up of nine (9) different directorates. These different directorates works separately but all with a primary focus of making our dear state a lovely place to be by means of internally generated tax.

  • The Directorate of Finance and accounts is responsible to the Chairman/Chief Executive for financing the General Administration of the Department.
  • Co-ordination of all accounting functions in the Internal Revenue Service.
  • To ensure that proper books of Accounts are kept of all transactions of the revenue service.
  • Preparation of Capital and Recurrent Expenditure Budget/Appraisal Reports for the Service.
  • Provision of other Financial Advisory Services to the Chairman/Chief Executive as may become necessary for the smooth operation of the service
  • Gathering and presentation of relevant Statistics/Data to guide the Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) operations.
  • Liaising with other Directorates in identifying and planning of projects for inclusion in the Development Plan and Annual Budget.
  • Collating defaulters list from various Assessment Authorities in the field offices and from other Revenue Agencies.
  • Presenting the list of defaulters to the Revenue Court for prosecution.
  • Communication of legal information from Courts to the relevant units of Internal Revenue Service.
  • Ensuring that the revenue accruing from prosecution are received by the relevant Assessment Authorities and paid to the Government Revenue Accounts.
  • Monitoring of Assessment work in all the Local Government Areas (Tax offices) within the State for effective performance.
  • Maintenance of comprehensive and equitable assessment of tax payers from all the field offices.
  • Ensuring that Assessment action has been completed on all the contracts notes and information transferred to the respective Assessment Authorities.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of accurate records of professionals and large tax payers in the State.
  • General Supervision and control of collection of Personal Income Tax in the State.
  • Supervision of revenue collected by other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).
  • Supervision of Collection of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in the State.
  • Ensuring accountability for all revenue collected in the State.
  • Collation, compilation and publication of State revenue collection returns.
  • Reception and treatment of official correspondence in relation to all staff matters.
  • The screening of staff for promotion and subsequent reference of those so screened to the Civil Service Commission for appropriate action.
  • Serving as the Secretariat to Internal Revenue Service meetings as well as those of the Senior Staff management Committee (SSMC), Junior Staff Management (JSMC) and Departmental Selection Board (DSB).
  • The co-ordination of all staff matters within the revenue service.
  • Supervision/Monitoring of revenue being collected by other Ministries /Departments.
  • Ensures transparency and accountability in terms of government revenues being collected by other Ministries/Departments.

These different directorates and units are headed by the under-listed management staffs.

  • Director of Collection – Mr. Mbuotidem Abia
  • Director of Assessment – Mrs. Esther Umoessien
  • Head of Other State Taxes – Mr. Kufre Ibokette
  • Head of PAYE – Mr. Offong O. Amba
  • Head of Administration/ Supplies – Mr. Samuel Asuquo
  • Head of Pools, Games, Lottery & Sp. Areas – Mrs. Ekaette Ekpo
  • Head Tax Audit & Investigation – Nditoi I Ibanga
  • Head Enforcement/Recovery – Sylvanus C. Ben
  • Head Return & Reconciliation – Victoria M. Umoh
  • Head Internal Audit – Godwin E. Inyang
  • Head Maritime, Oil & Gas – Eseme S. Okori
  • Head Tax Education – Mrs Uduak Ukpe
  • Head Tax Clearance – Alice C. Nyong
  • Head Internal Control/ Quality Assurance – Asanga E.
  • Head MDAs – Utibeabasi Okwong
  • Head Uyo Motor Licensing – Aniema J. Afangide
  • Head ICT – Uwem Young Udofia
  • Head Information & Brand Management – Mr. Nsikan Essien
  • Head Finance & Accounts – Samuel D. Ekpo
  • Head Planning, Research & Strategy – Mr. Ndiana-Abasi Sam
  • Head Informal Sector – Mrs Idoreyin William

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