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It is interesting to note that Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Services came to being as one of the State Government Extra-Ministerial Agencies in 1987.

In accordance with section 85A (I) of the Personnel Income Tax Act 1993 as amended, hereby establish for each state a Board to be known as the “Board of Internal Revenue” (In this Act referred to as ‘the State Board’) whose operational arm shall be known as the State Internal Revenue Service (in this Act referred to as “the State Service”).

The statutory responsibilities of the Internal Revenue Service as provided for by section 85B of the Personal Income Tax Act of 1993 as amended include: personal income taxation, withholding taxation, pool betting tax, stamp duties, licences etc.


We offer range of services designed around all of your different tax needs.


Defines the various types of tax collected by the different taxation bodies.


Get detailed information about your identification number. This option applies to Individuals regardless of their employment status.

Car Licence

We also get your licence done and renewed with us in no time. Get to any of our offices for more info.

Here, all of our services are transparent, efficient and tech driven thus helps us place structures that will ensure collection of the proper amount of tax revenue at the least cost.

Our new system

Now tax payers can get detailed information about the entire tax system of Akwa Ibom State thus get well informed on the various types of tax collected by the different tax bodies.

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