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The Board, Management, and Staff of Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Service (AKIRS) heartily congratulates Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, on his sixth anniversary as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.
In these six years (2015-date), without any controversy, our State has witnessed tremendous growth and development in virtually all key sectors of our sub-economy as promised by the Governor from the onset of his administration.
Through visionary leadership, great breakthroughs have been achieved towards the rapid transformation of the State as shown by rapid industrialization, agro-business growth, petro-chemical plant, upcoming Fertilizer and Ammonia Plant, Coconut Refinery, Power Substations, Flour Mill, Syringe Factory, the Ibom Deep Seaport, the Liberty Oil and Gas Free Zone. These projects, in addition to the historic achievements made in the Aviation Sector by your administration, the iconic Dakadda Tower – a smart business accommodation are bold testimonies of a dogged leadership determined to laying a solid economic foundation for the future generations of Akwa Ibom State.
We are also not taking for granted the peaceful and enabling environment that His Excellency has maintained which has positively impacted the ease of doing business in the State. Furthermore, the unparalleled prudent and transparent fiscal management of this administration has significantly improved voluntary compliance by our taxpayers in appreciation of the overwhelming benefits of taxpayers’ money.
We are optimistic that the remaining years of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel’s tenure will continue to add superlative value for taxpayers’ money.
Your Excellency, you are on point on the social contract curve and the completion agenda!
Congratulations, Your Excellency!
God bless Akwa Ibom State Taxpayers!
God bless Akwa Ibom State!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Mr. Okon Okon
Executive Chairman